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Dear friends & neighbors,

Well the results were not what we wanted but we have no regrets. We ran an amazing grassroots campaign for almost a full year against a powerful incumbent and the Delaware Way. There is so much I learned that if I chose to run again we will be in even better shape. I have said from the beginning that no matter who wins this race the real winners will be the people of RD 6 as I’m sure Representative Heffernan has learned a lot as well about how necessary it is to stay in touch with all of her constituents even if that means speaking directly to them wherever that may be. To be clear I will fully support my opponent in the November race. At the end of the day, as Democrats, we must keep our district blue.

I will continue to advocate for the things I am passionate about and since my opponent came around in support of most of those things I expect her to be a champion for them as well. I have connected with you and know that there are many local priorities that I can still help with and I will absolutely keep those promises. Give me a couple weeks or so to reboot as this has been an exhausting year.

There are so many people I need to thank for this journey, for the support and keeping me sane. First I will start with my amazing husband. Last we celebrated 20 yrs of marriage and he definitely had no idea this would be in the cards 20 yrs ago. He was also the campaign treasurer. My daughter who has been amazing and fun with her directing of all my TikTok’s and helping in so many little ways I could never list them all. Next would by my campaign manager, Linda Sanders, who this campaign probably would have been a bust without. She took on the challenge having never done it before and knocked it out of the park and I love her dearly, like a mother. Then there is my core team; Andrew for doing field and strategy while accommodating all my last minute changes, Amanda for some amazing social media ideas and graphics. Gary for knocking more doors than anyone on the campaign, Kacky for being an amazing cheerleader and thank you card writer, Bill for his great writing skills and Julie who has known me since way before I started on this journey and was a sounding board for my array of emotions and my constant proof reader. There are so many others who showed up in a myriad of ways, you know who you are but especially everyone from DU, Thank you, Thank You, Thank you!

And last but definitely not least, all of you who donated, volunteered and voted for me. Your love and support propelled me through this campaign and gave me the energy to keep going even when it was tough, thank you, thank you, thank you. Residents of district 6 if you have not already read my letter to you, you can read it here.

This campaign was never about me but about those who feel unheard and disconnected. I see you and I hear you and I’m here to stay. Regardless of my status as your Representative I know there is work to do. Please sign up for my emails (if you haven’t already) at Cotto4change.com so I can keep you in the loop on the progress of legislation or events in the area. Also please email me any issues you feel are not being addressed and I will do what I can to help or guide you in the direction of someone who might be able to. I will always cherish this journey and the growth I know I will personally experience from having given it my all and coming up short

Yours Truly,


My priorities over the coming months

  • Police transparency & accountability.
  • Organize with the state pensioners against their being moved to Medicare advantage.
  • Recruit & organize a monthly clean up Saturday to clean trash from areas around the district.
  • Join those already working towards the request for the owners of the port of Edgemoor signing a Community Benefits Agreement so the work can be done on expanding the port with the least amount of harm possible to the community.
  • Join the Friends of Bellevue to see how an organized “Friends of Fox Point Park” might look.
  • However I can’t do any or all of these things myself. So please respond to this email and let me know which of these you could and would be willing to help with or be a part of.


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